As a therapist, I have been exposed to many modalities and techniques to try to make the most impact on my patients. Over years of seeking healing methods I have found my tool of choice. Not only as a therapist but as a mom! I use the Dolphin Neurostim on my 4 children for healing on a regular basis. Let me explain to you how the body works on a cellular level.

Not to make this too medical but I do have to get technical for you to understand the value of microcurrent being applied to tissue. Microcurrent electrical Nerve stimulation (MENS) applies extremely small microcurrent (less than 1 milliamperage) electrical impulses to nerves using either pads or point stimulation.  Microcurrent units have been clinically proven to closely approximate the body’s naturally occurring bio-electric currents and they produce electrical currents just above the levels of the electrical exchanges of the cellular level in the human body. The theory behind microcurrent therapy is that by introducing micro impulses into the body it restores cellular balance of positive and negative electrons, positively influencing the autonomic nervous system accelerating our bodies own healing mechanisms.

Since microamperes are close to the electrical level of the body’s cells, when injured cells become electrically imbalanced, the application of microcurrent is able to help return the damaged cells to a normal bio-electrical state, re-initiating cellular activity. Research has shown that microcurrent impulses enhance three variables critical to healing: ATP (adenosine triphosphate), Protein synthesis, and Cellular Membrane transport.

One detailed study by Dr. Cheng showed microcurrent applied at low levels (10 to 500 microamps) increased ATP production by 500%, protein synthesis by 70% and metabolism (cell transport) by 40%. These 3 variables are critical to healing patients, and are triggered only in a parasympathetic phase.

So what does that mean to me as a therapist and mom? It means if I use the Dolphin Neurostim device on tissue the stimulation sets into motion inflammatory biochemical reducing inflammation! Microcurrent also performs tissue regeneration, stimulates the release of true endorphins, provides pain relief, and promotes healing. These actions provide a stage for injured tissues for healing by feeding the mitochondria, or the powerhouse of the cell, the current of injury can be reversed and healing follows.

spectronThis is a spectron picture of my 9 year old son’s head. The first picture, where there is more yellow, is before treatment. The red shows the blood flow and circulation that is naturally occurring. The second photo is 10 minutes after using the Dolphin Neurostim device on the Cranial Suture Technique that is used & taught as part of the Sensory Balancing Therapy. The red is again the blood flow and circulation! How impressive is that! My son loves martial arts and a couple of weeks previously to this picture had received a concussion with neurological symptoms.   The protocol to treat a concussion medically is to rest.

What did I do? I pulled out my Dolphin Neurostim and treated him multiple times to give his tissue the best chance of healing!

Let’s generalize this picture, it increases blood flow and circulation which is great for inflammation! This could technique can be applied anywhere on the body where there is injury or inflammation. No wonder the Dolphin is a Giant tool in the fight of pain management and wellness!